Ants Disinfestation

The ants, tiny microscopic beings that lurk in the darkest and most hidden places of our homes, cellars, or gardens.

How And How Can We Eliminate Them Completely?

The first step to take is to KNOW THE FORMES, because, perhaps, not everyone knows that the “races” are many, and for some there is a need for completely different systems, compared to others to eradicate them.

Among the remedies that we commonly know there are those of the normal insecticides, which are normally found on the shelves of supermarkets, it seems almost that a normal canister (anti-disinfestation) for ants, can even work miracles …

Once purchased we are going to spray immediately, a quantity ‘to say the least’ “industrial” for the disinfestation of ants, in our apartment, or office, but then the disappointment …

  • how come they’re still there and not dead?
  • why often does a normal spray not involve the total disinfestation of ants?

We answer you immediately saying that often a common anti-insecticide is not enough, ants close to those on which you sprayed the insecticide, will emit alarm signals. And they will inform the sisters, who will continue the activity with different paths.

Therefore, before venturing out, we must identify the nest of ants, to completely eradicate it, among the parts where we find more ants that we are usually going to see should be:

  • Flowers and plants;
  • Our animal friends;
  • Dark and fresh places.

Before finding the nest of ants, therefore, it would be even more useful to find “the queen ant”, which normally is larger and thicker than the others.

Obviously one of the first steps, if you are not ‘ironed in the matter, would be just to call an expert so that’ you know that an intervention made by an expert, provides neither sprays nor the use of smoke generators. Disinfestation is a conscientious, almost surgical action.

A treatment if performed well will not result in any loss of time on your part, let alone in any kind of discomfort!

Do not rely on improvised people, or fake exterminators, entrusted to a specialized company of experts, entrusted to ECOSISTEM, undisputed leader of Campania against the fight against pest control, maximum availability ‘seriousness’ and economy’, for all interventions performed!!

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