Fluo UV Insectkiller from MO-EL

The New MO-EL Fluo UV Insect Killers

The historic insect killer smithy MO-EL from Italy has once again hit the nail on the head with its new “Fluo” product line. Already last year’s “Fan” series amazed. Cute, almost playful appearance with astonishingly high efficiency compared to the annoying, blood-sucking visitors.

Insect Killer That Only Stores Insects, Not Necessarily Kills Them

It should be mentioned that the propeller or fan technology of Mo-El insect killer, as used in the fan and Fluo series, does not kill insects. They are only stored safely in a container and can also be released away again. If you leave the pests in the insect killer, they are dehydrated by the strong draught and dry out. How you want to carry out the pest control is up to you.

Fluo – The Name Says It All!

The update of the fan series is now called Fluo. Mo-El has remained true to its somewhat slanted, playful look. With regard to technology, however, in addition to the mechanical propeller technology (also in the new model “Fluo 368” with 55 watts of power turns a plastic rotor) once again on tried and tested current grid technology. This concerns the models “Fluo 309” with 45 Watt power and “Fluo 300” with 11 Watt power. There are currently hardly any more effective mosquito, fly, wasp or gnat traps for private use as well as for gastronomy, large areas and smaller rooms. Read also our “5 best adhesive traps” for an overview in our assortment.

The Fluo Series From Mo-el Adds An Extra Dimension To The Insect Killers Of The Fan Line!

The camping area is also a clearly targeted target group, according to Mo-El in a press release. What is striking is that Mo-El has given up hiding the insect killer somewhere, camouflaging it or giving it a more simple product design. Mo-El’s Fluo series continues to move forward. The successful models of the Fan insect killer series are surpassed by the Fluo line. The Fan models in raw white, light blue and sky blue now make the Fluo line really crack. The models are only available in fluorescent sulphur yellow or fire red. Mo-El has understood that hiding is not worth it. Who has what on the box, that may mark its district also optically. Since insects jump on bright colors it is probably not only pure marketing strategy, the colors increase according to Mo-El the efficiency – strengthen the curl effect of the UV fluorescent tube.

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