Flytraps For Indoor Use: Gastronomy, Hotel, Cafe

Flytraps are indispensable in gastronomy. After all, flies and other insects are annoying journeymen especially in the warm season. If they gain uninvited access to a café, restaurant or hotel, then quick action is called for. Read about fruit fly infestation.

After all, the good reputation suffers from the troublemakers, who can not only burden the nerves of your guests, but also have no place in the gastro for hygienic reasons alone.

In order to be prepared for the summer months, it is therefore advisable to take appropriate precautions. In a nutshell, we are talking about the purchase of a flytrap that is both effective and aesthetic.

Why Are Flytraps A Must In Gastronomy?

The most important aspects have already been mentioned. But apart from the hygienic guidelines of the food industry, flies and other insects are not a beautiful sight in a restaurant, café or hotel that attaches importance to a high level. While flies can transmit disease through the dirt hanging from their legs and wings, mosquitoes and wasps are a threat simply because of their ability to bite.

Fly traps are therefore mandatory for several reasons:

  1. They prevent your customers from feeling disturbed.
  2. In addition, they prevent the unpleasant journeymen from settling down on the food on offer.
  3. and thus prevent a violation of the hygienic requirements.
  4. Unfortunately, annoying insects can also damage the company’s reputation.

There are also HACCP certified insect killers. These HACCP insect killers correspond to a certain regulation which was determined by the food industry. For example, the devices must be constructed in such a way that no remains of the insects end up on the possible food during insect destruction. Therefore HACCP insect killers are often integrated with high-quality adhesive foils and UV light. Attractant and adhesive film are extremely effective.

What Attracts Flies And Wasps?

If they are fruit flies, there is usually no great health risk, as they are primarily attracted by sweet fruit. Sweat flies, on the other hand, are potential risk factors, as they eat both faeces and food. So if they first treat themselves to the excrements of humans and animals, which are covered with bacteria, and then switch to the fruit bowl or even the freshly baked apple pie, it is highly probable that all excrement residues will now also be distributed on the food.

Wasps, on the other hand, are attracted primarily by meat. Meat-containing food can therefore only rarely be enjoyed without a visit from the hungry insects. Even if the food is served exclusively in the interior of a restaurant, this does not mean absolute protection from the flying journeymen. Rather, they quickly enter the interior through the door or an open window and cause damage here.

Pest control can be used very specifically. Please also read “Pest control – targeted defence against mosquitoes, gnats, flies and wasps” for further tips on effective pest control.

Five Visually Appealing And Highly Effective Fly Traps In Discourse

Be it in a café, restaurant or hotel: where guests are, high-quality fly traps should prevent the plague of flies and insects that is the centre of attention here. In addition to maximum effectiveness, the perfect indoor flytrap is also characterized by an attractive design.

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