How Many Types Of Cockroaches Do You Know?

Cockroaches are particularly common insects, there are more than 4,000 species worldwide.

In Italy they are present in practically all the territory with the sole exception of the very cold zones.

All have in common the preference for hot and humid climates, which is why they find in human homes the ideal environment.

In our homes, cockroaches mainly choose heated environments with a high level of humidity, such as kitchens and pantries.

They differ in morphological characteristics, behavior and habitat.

The Blattella Germanica has a very tapered body, and a reddish-brown coloring with two brown stripes on the back, has two long antennas constantly moving and can climb walls and ceilings thanks to its suction cups.

It is omnivorous in the constant search for food, it colonizes, in addition to private homes, also deposits and places of catering such as bars, canteens and restaurants.

Its nests are located mainly under kitchen appliances, in bathrooms and in other hidden areas of the house where you can find heat and humidity.

The average life of this insect is around 5-6 months, during which the female can lay up to 8 oocytes of 30-40 eggs each.

The Cockroach Orientalis is one of the most common insect pests in homes, has a flat and squat body, has a black-brownish color and on the head are very thin antennae.

These cockroaches thrive in areas with a mild climate with abundant presence of water, therefore show a marked tendency to settle in open spaces such as courtyards, parks and gardens, or in cool, humid places such as landfills, cellars, basements, sewers.

In the houses, on the contrary, it prefers the very heated zones and the hidden corners close to the food.

It is omnivorous and moves almost exclusively by night, and has a life cycle of about 6 months, laying a maximum of 16 eggs for each egg store.

The American Cockroach distinguishes itself from the others for its remarkable dimensions, has a reddish body, and is equipped with long wings which, in case of need, can be used for flying.

This insect is not very suitable for climbing, on the other hand, is able to run at high speed.

Its ideal habitat are the undisturbed, shady and humid areas such as basements, recesses under the floors, bathrooms and attics.

The females lay up to 16 eggs in an egg library which is usually hidden inside a crack or cemented in a surface close to the food.

It is omnivorous, shows a strong propensity for sweet substances and, if necessary, can also feed on paper, cloth, bookbinding and corpses of other insects.

It is a very long-lived cockroach, which in favorable conditions can reach even three years of age.

The most effective way to get rid of it is with the help of a company experienced in the field.

Entrusted to professionals, entrusted to Ecosistem!

Bed Bugs

The bedbug is an annoying parasite, which can be prevented with a bit of commitment and expertise in the field…

The bedbug has been spreading a lot in recent years, its huge expansion in fact does not only affect our bedrooms, but also: bars, cinemas, theaters and public transport.

But how and in what way do we realize that we have these parasites at home or in our beds?

Often we might not realize that we have bugs, as they are really tiny beings that infest in dark places, and especially unthinkable.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, the newborn bugs measure about 1 mm, and are white, almost transparent: for this reason, they are difficult to see.

As the bugs begin to settle, they also begin to grow, assuming sizes ranging from 7mm to centimeter, and also begin to darken having a color more ‘amber, and therefore easier to recognize them.

The problem is that when we put our bed in order, we hardly happen to take a look behind the back, or on a wooden slat, it will seem strange as a thing, but the most ‘unthinkable points are those most common for the nesting of bugs.

But what are the clues that can only give us the doubt of a bedbug infestation:

  1. Bubbles on the body on the parts we discovered during the night.
  2. Spots and bloodsmears that we could find on the sheets.

We might even happen to have some stings from a bedbug like the “ponfi”, which are usually insignificant for us as a common “mosquito bite”, often nothing happens except a slight redness, but then of course each case is different to if, but if you really want to be quiet, we can reassure you by telling you that bedbugs, as far as we know are not infectious!

Contrary to what is said, the presence of bedbugs is not linked to health and hygiene deficiencies. Of course, a good method of prevention is to keep the rooms as clean as possible and not occupied by excessive furniture.

The interventions for their removal are those normally known, such as:

  1. After a trip, never bring your luggage straight into the house, but shake it carefully outside.
  2. Wash the various trinkets we have in the house thoroughly and with boiling water.
  3. Do not bring into the house objects that have been in the attic for years, but rather clean them first thoroughly.

But often the do-it-yourself remedies for the removal of bedbugs are not enough, indeed we could even make the situation worse.

In this regard you will certainly need the latest tools, and specific products that only professionals know, to give you a strong help we are ECOSISTEM, our company is specialized in operations of this kind and has in its staff of professionals, trained to deal with problems:

Deratization, deblatization, disinfection, and disinfestation.

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