Mice Invasion!

Now mice have invaded our cities, our wineries, our homes.

Mice reproduce so quickly (a female can give birth 6-7 times a year, generating three to seven fetuses each time) that it is unthinkable that they can disappear altogether,

because in the world, somewhere hidden, a female would certainly survive.

The ability of a mouse to reproduce even alone, allows only one specimen to repopulate an environment even without the presence of the male.

In fact, the topa, foresighted, when it mates, always puts aside some seed, and then utilizes it in the absence of a partner.

A rats goes into heat for about 4-6 hours, every 3-4 days, the gestation usually lasts 22 days.

The delivery gives birth to an average of 8-12 cubs, which, however, can reach, in exceptional cases, up to 24.

The heat immediately following delivery is fertile (meaning that the rat may become pregnant while breast-feeding the previous litter).

Breastfeeding lasts about 3 weeks and weaning lasts 4.5 weeks.

The survival capacity of mice is truly incalculable, reproducing continuously, regardless of the season or climatic conditions.

It is estimated that in Italy alone live five hundred million mice that consume about twenty million tons of waste each year.

Unfortunately, Italy produces a lot of that waste, which our friends always have to satisfy themselves with, they eat practically everything.

The mouse is the animal that in nature, thanks to its resistance, “intelligence” and sense of community, can survive in the most extreme conditions, in fact it is able to:

  1. Live in any climate, at temperatures from -40°C to +60°C.
  2. Learning and communicating to your peers the information obtained and your own experiences.
  3. Genetically transmitting acquired resistance to future generations that are born immunized.
  4. Reproduce at stunning speed in all weather conditions.
  5. Holding sperm, so the female can get pregnant on her own when needed.
  6. Survive and adapt to almost all existing poisons.
  7. Withstand all radiation, even nuclear radiation.
  8. Remain unharmed even after serious physical injuries (such as falling from the fifth floor).
  9. Overcome electric shocks up to 220 volts for sixty seconds.
  10. Feeding on any available organic substance.
  11. Also drink polluted water or sea water.
  12. Being immune to most infections.
  13. Sneaking into openings a little larger than a 10-cent coin.
  14. Rodere hard materials such as concrete, lead or iron.
  15. Climbing up along vertical walls.
  16. Swimming non-stop for almost a kilometer.
  17. Stay alive even after three days in the water.
  18. Prosperity even in coal mines 600 meters underground.

So if you have any doubt that you have mice in the house, do not wait, contact Ecosistem!

Mice In The Company

As in the home, mice and rats are not tolerated at all, especially in public facilities and companies; capable of spreading diseases and damaging instrumentation, cables and even damaging the structure with their gnawing. It is known that mice reproduce very quickly for this reason as soon as you have a slight suspicion of the presence of rats or mice you must intervene immediately with the deratization!

How To Detect The Presence Of Mice On The Farm?

If you own a company, the mice will cause great damage to the structure, in fact they can gnaw electrical cables, damage walls as well as spread diseases.

So you need to act as quickly as possible.

  1. Evident clues are the excrements of rats, since they leave large quantities and are as small as seeds.
  2. In areas of the structure that are not very used and therefore dusty, you will notice the footprints of mice or rats that leave with their legs and tail.
  3. Especially the grey rats are able to dig passages and nest in warehouses, sheds and inside heaps of composting.

For this reason, if you even suspect that you have mice in the company, call us at ECOSISTEM, we will do some inspections and if we find the presence of rodents we will proceed with a complete deratization, with certified traps and chemicals in accordance with the law. We will secure your company, your staff and your customers.

Do not take risks and call only professionals.

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