Pests In The Food Industry

Particular attention to protect the health of people, we must give it to the food industry, if you do not have prevention and attention, could be a cause of proliferation of food pests.

Prevention is a basic and mandatory technique to avoid parasites, this is also written in the haccp manual (it is a set of procedures, dedicated to preventing possible contamination of food.)

What to do?

  1. In the internal areas it is a good rule to inspect and remove as soon as possible the packaging from the food and throw it from the incoming goods, so as to avoid the accidental introduction of pests.
  2. Store food on metal shelves if possible and avoid contact with the floor and wall.
  3. Order the products; the damaged goods are to be collected and transported in special containers.

These are just a few of the precautions described in the haccp modules to be safe from pests and be in compliance with the law.

In addition, the structure must have self-closing doors or anti-intrusion systems and prevent intrusion from the outside by shielding the windows with mosquito nets.

It is also a good idea to control pests in the food industry by means of a visual inspection, but this is certainly not enough, in fact, some pests such as rodents and cockroaches have night habits and hide in areas difficult to see.

For this reason, professional pest control throughout the food chain is highly recommended.

We at ECOSISTEM are also able to intervene through chemical treatment, but only if there is a real need; we use products designed to avoid contamination of food items.

We use specific insecticide substances and we use special equipment with expert and qualified personnel.

Act Before Termites Ruin Your Furniture And Your Home

Those who have wooden furniture know it well, the woodworm or termites, are a plague for the furniture, think that these insects live in large colonies so you must be aware of their presence in good time because once in the house is difficult to eliminate them.

But How Can You Tell About Termites In Your Home?

To notice the presence of woodworms in the house it is important to pay attention to what they leave in their passage, the termites gnaw on the wood releasing a powder, or just check that the paint is not cracked or even, knocking with the knuckles the furniture allegedly infested, these do not sound empty.

Some natural remedies against termites are known, let’s see some examples:

  1. The best known remedy is to use a piece of damp cardboard, in fact the termites are “greedy” of cellulose and the wet cardboard will attract the woodworms, then just burn this termite trap to eliminate them.
  2. Another remedy is the use of essential oils, such as Neem or orange oil. Apply these oils to the cracks in the wood, being careful to go all the way down and repeat the operation several times. This way you kill the termites, but very slowly and in small areas.
  3. Another natural technique is to bring the furniture affected by termites into the sun, in fact termites hate sunlight and will tend to run away. Of course, it is not easy to implement if the furniture is bulky or you are not in sunny periods or areas.

We use materials and products in accordance with the law with qualified staff and years of experience in the field.

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