Why These Flytraps Come Into Question For The Restaurant

Fly Traps For Compliance With The Highest Hygiene Standards

Fly traps are indispensable in gastronomy. Unpleasant flies are far more than a nuisance to guests in the catering trade. In fact, they prevent an appropriate standard of hygiene from being maintained.

This makes it all the more important for every restaurant to work with a flytrap that is especially suitable for the catering sector. Here is an overview of what to look out for when selecting a flytrap. Pest control in the catering and food industries is extremely important. Fast and chemical-free pest control must be guaranteed. Pest control precautions should always be taken. You can find out which possibilities there are to carry out pest control yourself in our online shop and blog. You can also read “Pest control – targeted repelling of mosquitoes, gnats, flies and wasps”.

Why Is A Flytrap Already Mandatory In Gastronomy?

In order to at least meet the minimum requirements for a catering establishment, it is crucial to protect all production areas. These must be fitted with insect screens that are removable and can be cleaned.

However, since flies, mosquitoes and wasps are particularly attracted to food and leftovers on guests’ plates or in the kitchen, this product is often not sufficient. However, in order to meet all the requirements, it is necessary to tackle the unpleasant guests with a flytrap.

Which fly traps are suitable for restaurants?

In recent years, many different products have developed on the insect killer market. The following solutions are available for private consumers and restaurateurs:

  • Glue traps;
  • Fragrance Spray Fly Traps;
  • Flytraps with fan;
  • electric flytraps;
  • HACCP Flytraps.

Especially the latter, which complies with the HACCP concept, is crucial for restaurants. HACCP comes from the English and means “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”. The concept was created to ensure food safety and protect guests from health risks. If you look for this label when you buy, you can be sure you are getting a flytrap that meets the highest hygiene standards.

Electric Flytraps With UV Light as a Lure

In the high-performance sector, various technologies have recently established themselves that perform their work particularly reliably. The flytrap is electrically charged according to a known procedure. This current grid causes butterflies, moths, mosquitoes, wasps and other insects to die after being attracted by UV light.

However, not every flytrap working under high voltage can satisfy the HACCP concept. If the animals come into contact with the live metal, individual parts can be thrown away and onto the work surfaces. Some manufacturers have now solved this problem with a special suction system.

Rotating Flytraps

The rotating flytrap is therefore an alternative for restaurants. Here it is the suction of the fan that pulls the pests inside the device. There they first end up safely in a catch area. From there it is possible to release them back into freedom or leave them in the insect killer, where they dehydrate after a few hours.

The rotating flytrap does its job just as reliably. Furthermore, it is possible for restaurants to use products with integrated adhesive film which also catch the animals in accordance with HACCP.

Are you looking for the right flytrap for your interior? In our article: “5 fly traps perfect for indoor use: gastronomy, hotel, cafĂ©” we describe 5 models that meet both aesthetic and effective as well as hygiene standards.

Which Flytraps Also Work For Larger Areas?

Due to the amount of insects that can bother guests in larger rooms and areas of the restaurant, insect killers are particularly powerful for large areas. When making your choice, you should pay particular attention to the manufacturer’s specified range of action. This indicates the area on which the product can reliably protect.

The question now arises as to where a particularly large effective range can be achieved. Traps with a collecting container, a suction system or adhesive foils are suitable for use in large areas. If UV light and UV splinter protection lamps are the used attractant then the use of the fly trap for outside remains mostly unnoticed by the guests.

How do the HACCP Flytraps Work?

The aim of the HACCP concept must be to catch the insects as undamaged as possible, without the danger that they come into contact with the work surfaces or even with food. On the one hand, they are classic glue traps which can be used by catering businesses. They are characterized by easy cleaning and catch insects according to the hygiene standards to be observed.

On the other hand, a large part of the available products work with negative pressure. Due to the constant suction of the small rotor, it is not possible for the insects to leave the trap again. Therefore these devices are also suitable to remove the unpleasant guests. The technology can also be used as a flytrap for large areas.

Where Can I Buy The Right Flytrap For A Restaurant?

All HACCP insect killers, which are ideal for use in your restaurant, can also be found in our hygiene shop. No matter whether you want to use a fly trap electrically or place it on a rotating fly trap, suitable offers are available there.

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